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Take your mobility on the road with Pride Lifts.

Whether you’re taking your scooter or power chair on the road, looking for a vehicle transfer solution, or want to improve the transition areas in and around your home, Pride® Lifts and Ramps has adaptive solutions to meet all of your accessibility needs.


Backpacker Interior Lifts make it easier than ever to take your mobility product on the road. They are engineered specifically to be a perfect fit for a wide variety of popular vehicles including SUVs, crossover vehicles, full size vans, and minivans.


There are also additional lift options to meet your needs.

Use the Link Below, to Find the Perfect Lift for Your Vehicle:

Featured Pride: Lifts and Ramps


The Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift offers a simple, hitch-based installation.

Starting at $2,899.00 

Outlander LP 

The Outlander LP Exterior Lift is ideal for sedans and has a 350 lb. lifting capacity.

Starting at $2,899.00 

Backpacker Plus

Get enhanced construction and a fresh new look with the Backpacker® Plus Interior Lift.

Starting at $3,499.00 

Zeus 440

The Zeus 440 is extremely adjustable and engineered to fit most vehicles.

Starting at $4,899.00 

Commander 400

The Commander 400 Exterior Lift is perfect for pick-up trucks and delivers maximum durability.

Starting at $4,799.00 

Outlander DE

An easy, drive on design takes the hassle out of loading with the Outlander DE Exterior Lift.

Starting at $2,899.00 

Outlander LP Mini

The Outlander LP Mini Exterior Lift offers a low profile and is the lightest lift in its class.

Starting at $2,399.00 

Backpacker AVP

The Outlander LP Mini Exterior Lift offers a low profile and is the lightest lift in its class.

Starting at $4,299.00 

Outlander XL

The Outlander XL Exterior Lift makes loading and unloading your scooter fast and simple.

Starting at $2,899.00 

Outlander TM

The Outlander TM Exterior Lift is easy to use and engineered for travel mobility scooters.

Starting at $2,199.00 

Zeus 260

The Zeus 260 is an interior, boom style lift that is extremely adjustable.

Starting at $4,199.00 

Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is an adaptable and versatile wheelchair-to-vehicle transfer solution.

Starting at $5,199.00 

Olympian AutoLift

The Pride Olympian AutoLift is an adjustable hoist lift to help with transporting a power wheelchair or scooter inside of a van, SUV or crossover vehicle.

Starting at $4,799.00 

Rubber Threshold Ramps

Rubber Threshold Ramps provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven household surfaces.

Starting at $199.00 

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