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Bathroom Safety Products

Shower Accessories

We all do love our bath and shower time! Our bath and shower accessories not only make this cherished time even better, but also safe. Our hand held showers are a MUST with any bath bench with their extra-long 84″ hose and on and off switch. Oh, and BTW, standard hand held showers are only 60″ – 62″ long which come short when you’re bathing so safe and comfy…seated.

We love the Bath Seat Basket because having all of your bathing necessities – the soap, sponge and shampoo – within reach is a must. The Ultimate Bathing Experience is all about your safety, comfort and convenience and the Bath Seat Basket makes that happen. Don’t forget the 84” hand held shower, shower holder and bath mat!

Bath Seat Basket

• Holds bath essentials conveniently within reach to avoid bending, turning and twisting
• Easily attaches to the seat frame with included hardware
• Fits all standard size bath seats with 7/8” or 1” tube diameter
• Coated steel wire is rust resistant
• Specifications:
• Dimensions: 12”w x 4”h x 4”d
• Color: White


The Suction Cup Showerhead Holder keeps you in reach and in control of your water and showering. It allows for the showerhead to be in easy reach when seated or bathing children. The suction cup can be quickly relocated as often as you like. It is convenient when bathing pets or cleaning out the tub.

Suction Cup Showerhead Holder

Unit Weight (lbs): 0.5


We love the Hand Held Shower Sets because they feature an on/off switch, a wall mounting holder, and an extra long 84” reinforced hose, allowing you to shower while seated.

2-Function Hand Held Shower Set

Unit Weight (lbs): 0.5



We love the Hand Held Shower Sets because they feature an on/off switch, a wall mounting holder, and an extra long 84” reinforced hose, allowing you to shower while seated.

5-Function Hand Held Shower Set

Unit Weight (lbs): 0.5


The Holder for Hand Held Shower, or as we prefer, “Happy Bath Shower Holder”, makes showering much more convenient because your hand held shower is your best bath companion and this holder puts it in the perfect spot. It securely attaches to most bath bench arms with a ¾” or 1” diameter tube.

Holder for Hand Held Shower

Unit Weight (lbs): 0.2


The Shower Diverter Valve is designed to divert water between two sources in your shower, the shower head and hand held shower.

Shower Diverter Valve

Unit Weight (lbs): 0.2


The Bath Mat has a suction grip that allows it to attach securely to a tub’s surface and helps prevent slipping. The bath mat is anti-fungal treated and is 16″ x 28″.

Bath Mat

Unit measurement (in): 16" by 28"


The red safety handle provides support and balance when entering or exiting the tub or shower. It can be attached to either side of the 9100 Back Seat with Back, 9120 Bath Seat or 9200 Tub Shower Board.

Red Safety Handle

Cushion Dimensions: 0


The Bath Seat Cushion helps to make life better, especially in the bath – with a little cushion on the tush. It adds comfort while bathing and fits all standard size bath benches.

Bath Seat Cushion

Cushion Dimensions: 8”d x 15”w


These tips are replacement tips for our Bath Benches. Please be sure to check the item numbers to ensure that you purchase the proper tips for your particular Bath Bench model

Tips for Bath Benches

  • Tip for Bath Benches

We love the Suction Cup Towel Hook because it keeps your wash cloths, shower poufs and other shower accessories close by, so you can stay safe while showering. Best of all, it comes in elegant bronze or nickel – a perfect addition to any bathroom!

Suction Cup Towel Hook

Sold by:      Each
Overall Dimensions: 4d X 2.75w X 3.75h
Overall Weight: .25 lbs

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