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Medium Portable 


Companion GC240 3-Wheel

A larger ground clearance of 3.75” makes the GC240 a great outdoor traveling companion.  The GC240 will increase mobility over a variety of terrain giving the rider the freedom to explore.


• Weight Capacity – 300 lbs.
• Speed – 4.5 mph
• Operating Range – 15.5 miles (may vary)
• Total Weight – 166 lbs.
• Heaviest Piece – 48 lbs.

Scooter Colors:
Companion GC340 3-Wheel

The increased weight capacity and 4.5” ground clearance make the GC340 even more accommodating.  The GC340 will increase mobility for riders offering them the freedom to do things on their own.


• Weight Capacity – 350 lbs.
• Speed – 4.5 mph
• Operating Range – 16.5 (may vary)
• Total Weight – 168 lbs.
• Heaviest Piece – 48 lbs.

Scooter Colors:
Companion 4-Wheel

The Companion GC440 four-wheel scooter offers the most leg room and foot room in its class with a modern, rugged design. With 10-inch tires on the front and rear, it cruises the outdoors and takes obstacles in stride. Features include easy disassembly; an adjustable LED headlight; an ergonomic control panel design with a backlit battery gauge display; and a wraparound Delta tiller for easy steering.


  • ​Up to 15.00 miles per charge 

  • 350 lb weight

  • Max Speed 4.50 mph

  • Weight of Heaviest Piece 63 lbs

  • Seat Width 18” and 20”

  • Power elevating seat available

  • Ultrabright tail lights keep you visible and out of harm's way

Scooter Colors:

Full Size Scooter :