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Compression Stockings Fit for Your Needs

Jobst is the leading brand when it comes to compression garments. Compression stocking gently squeeze the legs. In turn helping blood flow more easily up the legs.  While wearing compression stockings you can help prevent swelling and may reduce the formation of blood clots.  Jobst focuses on providing healing products that do not skimp on style and comfort. There are a number of different compression levels and types of stockings.  Most insurances will cover compression stockings with a script from your doctor and qualifying diagnosis.  Stocking measurements can be completed at our showroom.  We want our patients to feel confident that they are choosing the correct size.  So if you feel more comfortable being measured by our staff, visit our showroom to get measured.

Types of Compression Stockings


      • Knee Highs
      • Dress Socks
      • Sport Socks
      • Closed Toe Nylons
      • Open Toe Nylon
      • Maternity Stockings

Compression Sock Brands:

Almost all stocking types can be sized with a few measurements.  For knee high stockings measure the ankle and calf.  Thigh high stockings require a measurement of the ankle and thigh.  In regards to maternity, waist, and chap stocking measurements please contact us or for more measurements.